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SUN thru FRI :: 12P-7P
Please note our store policy only allow those 21 and up to purchase and/or transfer firearms.

The Liberty Armory’s primary goal is to be your neighborhood gun shop and shooting range.  Family owned, and conveniently nestled between West University, South Side Place, and the City of Bellaire, we are ready to service your gun owner needs.

We are Houston’s only publicly accessible indoor shooting range inside the 610 Loop conveniently located on Bellaire Blvd. You will find that its manned by our extremely knowledgable and trustworthy staff. You will also find a diverse showroom to accommodate your firearm and accessory purchases.

We look forward to serving you today, tomorrow, and for the many many years to come.


Our members only range accommodates five, 15 yard, shooting lanes available for practice, training and qualification. Our courteous and professional staff will of course be available to make your visit safe and enjoyable. We are committed to firearm safety training and strengthening the sport of shooting. Come discover Houston’s premier indoor gun range and handgun training center.

Our range is designed for your comfort and safety. The air filtration system is state-of-the-art, providing you with cool, clean air year round. Each lane is equipped with a motorized target system and has sound dampening technology to reduce noise levels.

Each shooting lane is designed for target practice, Concealed Handgun License qualification and other training programs. 

Shooters of all ages are welcome! Shooters that are under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian at all times.

Membership can happen one of two ways.  If you purchase a firearm from us, you are automatically a “Liberty Lover” for life.  Or you can sign up for the annual membership for a small administrative fee of $50.  Once you are a member, range fees are $15 per lane for the member, plus $5 for additional guests.  Gun rentals are also available for $25 (we do require using our ammo for rentals) , with the lane fee inclusive in the rental fee.

Please  note: For safety reasons there is a limit of 3 participants per lane. No exceptions. Groups of 10 or more will be charged for a total range rental regardless of how many lanes are used. Firearm rental are an additional charge.

The Liberty Armory reserves the right to check all paperwork and items prior to shooting.


ON SITE Armorer Services, are always fully available to our customers.  From the store location, we provide basic services for your personal firearm needs.  Our team will service your cleanings, triggers, sights, barrels, and more!

Firearm Test Fire
Quick Clean
DCOA (Disassemble, Clean, Oil & Assemble)
Custom Barrel Fitting
Internal Polishing
Cleaning Class
Sight Install
Pistol Sight Adjustment
Trigger Installation
Drop-In Trigger Install
Install Iron Sights
Install Quick Detached Optic
Install Quick Detached Magnifier
Install Scope
Rifle Assembly with Provided Parts
Upper Receiver Assembly with Provided Parts
Lower Receiver assembly with Provided Parts
Low Pro Gas Block Install (+ FF Rail)
Free Float Rail Install
Muzzle Device Install
Sling Swivel Install

NOTE: We are not gunsmiths. The work of a gunsmith fall under more involved firearm repair services. If you do require these type of services, come into the shop with your firearm, and we should be able to point you in the right direction.



Need a firearm purchase transferred?

Simply have the seller email us at to get the process rolling.

NOTE: A background check still needs to be run to pick up your firearm. If we do not get a 'PROCEED' response, we can not release the firearm.  We can either return it to the seller or for a fee have it transported to another FFL.

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